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How to Buy, What to Buy, Where to Buy"

In this action-packed seminar, attendees will:

  • learn all the surprising ways people buy California property way below market value
  • Fin out how to build incredible wealth riding the astonishing wave of bank foreclosures
  • How to buy at the rock bottom--identify the signs
  • Hear awesome case studies of how ordinary people have achieved extraordinary wealth
  • Find out 60 achievable ways to save for a down payment
  • Learn how to see tremendous buying opportunities everywhere
  • Understand why real estate will be the most fabulous wealth building tool far into the century
  • Be surprised which California areas will be badly hit
  • Realize you can safely build a portfolio of houses for a lifetime stream of income for your children's lifetime
  • Learn the amazing cycles of real estate
  • Uncover 13 ways to limit negative cash flow you have not thought of before
  • Overcome the 5 awful fears that keep you out of the California Market
  • Learn the time value of money--avoid the corrosive effects of inflation
  • Lead a wonderful tax-advantage life
  • What the so-called real estate gurus don't tell you
  • Be startled at how first time investors get preyed upon
  • See the awesome benefits of having a great real estate agent--ho to find one
  • Unearth wonderful neighborhood that are excellent storehouses of value
  • Learn how to assist sellers in trouble
  • Learn the far-reaching consequences of immediate gratification
  • Dig up diamonds in your back yard
  • Know how to easily set your prosperity goals
  • Realize the fantastic benefits of investing in the right kind of debt
  • How to acquire extensive knowledge of future economic trends
  • How to make your exit strategy painless in bad times and good
  • How to find a wise mentor
  • Leave with 120 of Steve Dexter's newest and best websites to further your education and even help you find some deals.
85.597 1 Saturday
Reg. Fee: $59 Per Person July 11
(+$20 matrial fee payable at workshop
9am - 1pm (followed by no host lunch, questions & answers period)

Steve Dexter has personally funded of 500 million dollars for thousands of homeowners and investors in Souther California and across the country. He is autohor of the top-rated book "Real Estate Debt Can Make You Rich" published by McGraw-Hill
He is a distinguished speaker at Harvard Business School. Harvard Law School and their Graduate School of Design. He writes for several national publications and own 27 investment houses, mostly in Southern California.

PROPERTIES ON SALE--Imagine buying a Lot or Home for Only the back Taxes

There are thousands of lots and properties that go on sale by county governments to recover taxes on properties where taxes are not being paid.

Sources of these properties:
When people pass on, often heir heirs do not know heir parents own these properties or don't want to pay the taxes and the s ate puts them up for sale, usually as an auction o cover the taxes owed.

Yes, it s possible to own a property free and clear for just the cost of he back taxes.

These properties are all paid off. Some state have a one- to two-year redemption period, when redeemed, you will recive your money back and a 12 -18 percent return. If they are not redeemed they are yours, free and clear immediately.

In half the states, the properties have no redemption period, and why you buy them, you own them free and clear.

  • Own property free and c ear for only he cost of he back taxes
  • Purchase California lots for only $6,000 to $8,000
  • Buy these w th no f nancing and no need to qualify
  • Discover the cities where these are available and how to id on the properties
  • These properties are great o put into self-directed RAs
  • Buy your children or grandchildren these properties and help pay for their college
  • These are incredible properties to buy and hold

These are great opportunities for those who are not able to qualify or are having difficulty in getting loans today. This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to own real estate, with the potential to retire through your real estate holdings.

For over 30 years, Dr. Marshall Reddick has been offering a variety of different real estate seminars geared to the current economic times. He is a well-known educator, author, and very successful investor, purchasing 20 to 30 properties per year.

85.587 1 Saturday
9am - 5:30pm June 20
Reg. Fee: $59
(+$25 for workbook & materials payable at workshop

Property Managemnt Anybody Can Do

Did your house not sell and now you’ve got to rent it out? Are you an “accidental landlord”? Tired of property managers ripping you off? Most people hate the idea of total strangers living in your houses that don’t pay on time, call you at 2 AM and trash out your property.

It doesn’t have to be like this. How would you like your resid

  • Pay the rent before s due?
  • Maintain or even improve your propes value?
  • Get along with the neighbor
  • Stay a long time

Landlording is an invaluable skill because tenants will make you rich. They will pay off your loans for you, protect your property and provide you with a constant and never-ending stream of checks that show up in your mailbox every month. Having a portfolio of rented out houses is the best investment ever—better than annuities, better than stocks better than gold.

In this informative and practica class, attendees will:

  • Become skilled at training your tenants to work FOR you
  • Learn how to find the neighborhoods where properties rent quickly and easily
  • Be surprised at the “no hassle” way of managing properties
  • Learn how to find and screen great tenants you can trust
  • Uncover simple ways to increase cash flow
  • Discover how your residents will do the landlording work for you
  • See how to identify the most profitable properties
  • Be warned about which home improvements to avoid
  • Realize why landlord-tenant laws are so vital
  • Utilize powerful, ready-to-use land lording forms
  • How to advertise and market your properties at little or no cost
  • Turn up little-known tax breaks available to full time or part time landlords

This seminar will show first time and experienced investors how to safely and easily rent out houses with minimal time and effort.

85.596 1 Saturday
 9am - 1pm July 12
Reg. Fee: $59 Per Person
 (+$20 matrial fee payable at workshop

Steve Dexter is the author of “Real Estate Debt Can Make You Rich” and “Beat the Banks— Prospering in the Rising Wave of Bank Foreclosures.” He has appeared on CBS Radio, Fox News, and CNBC and is quoted in major newspapers nationwide. He owns and manages 28 investment properties locally and nationwide.

AND SAVINGS & LOANS --Seminar, No Host Lunch & Optional Tour

Real Estate will produce many millionaires in the next five years. Discover how you can become part of that explosion by learning the best places to invest in California and out of state.

There are currently thousands of REOs all over the U.S. The January 2007 issue of DSNews states that nationwide foreclosures (are) occurring at a record-setting pace. No doubt, REO’s will dramatically increase for the next 10 years. This seminar will show you how to find these properties before anyone else knows about them so you can then make successful offers. You can select REOs from $85,000 and up, to $1 ,000,000 homes with low down and easy qualifying Every area differs dramatically. There ar very few REOs in California yet, but be prepared when they are. Otherwise there are thousands in great areas in the U.S. with management provided.

Seminar - Starts in the morning at 9:00am. Here is what you will learn.

  • The best locations to purchase in for the highest appreciation.
  • How to find REOs before everyone else does.
  • How to purchase REOs for No Money Down
  • How to find which lenders will make the best deals.
  • What kind of properties appreciate the most.
  • How to purchase property directly from people in foreclosure for the best deals.

Lunch - 12:30pm-1:30pm. Join Kristi for a no-host lunch were you can ask questions.

Tour - 3:30pm-5:30pm. We will see actual REOs on the market. There is nothing more valuable than taking information from the classroom and applying it to actual properties.

  • Learn how to select great neighborhoods where homes have the greatest chance of appreciating.
  • Learn what to look for in a great house in which to live or to invest in.
  • Discover how to check out a property for potential problems.
  • Learn how to identify the great attributes of a home that will sell for more later.

Dr. Marchall E. Reddick Professor of Business and Economics, and a very popular real estate lecturer, purchases 10 to 20 forclosure properties per year, some of which are REOs

85.595 1 Saturday
9 am-5:30 pm August 1
Reg. Fee: $59
(+$25 for workbook & materials payable at workshop)
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